SERVPRO of Clovis Employee Photos

image of young female smiling

Breanna Bouchard

Breanna is our manager at SERVPRO of Clovis. She has been serving Clovis with her customer service expertise for over 10 years!

Sabrina Salcido

Sabrina is our office assistant here at SERVPRO of Clovis. Sabrina’s background in customer service and her being easily trainable has allowed her to transition perfectly in to the restoration business.

middle aged man smiling with beard and blue eyes

Dan Bouchard

Dan is the owner at SERVPRO of Clovis. With over 30 years experience in customer service, Dan is dedicated to making customers happy! 

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Frank Barone

Frank is our production manager at SERVPRO of Clovis. He has over 6 years of experience in the field and over 20 years in customer service. He is dedicated to helping your project run smooth!

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John Granado

John is a lead production technician at SERVPRO of Clovis!

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Martin Pena

Martin is a lead production technician at SERVPRO of Clovis!

middle aged man with blue eyes and goatee

Mike Sanchez

Mike is our lead Crew Chief at SERVPRO of Clovis!

smiling young man with brown hair and eyes

Elijah Bouchard

Elijah is our production technician at SERVPRO of Clovis!