What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

SERVPRO of Clovis really took care of my family and I. I had a major leak through the roof of my house and they came the same day and fixed it no problem. Excellent service, would highly recommend them!

What a great company they were at my house in about 35 minutes, the staff is polite and considerate. We had a pipe bust and had about two inches of water in our laundry room they work fast and were able to prevent any further damage.

I strongly recommend SERVPRO of Clovis , they are great and they know what they are doing. I came home from work to find that my bathroom had been flooded since I left for work. I was so upset. I contacted SERVPRO of Clovis immediately, they were at my home in 30 min. I was able to leave my home to go to my sister's to wait until it was done. Wow, these guys are great, not only did I come home to a flood free home, but it was dry and it smelled really good in my house. I was so relieved. Thank you SERVPRO of Clovis for making my bathroom spot clean

I am so grateful we have such a great company in our area. I came home from work and had water all through out my home. I had no idea what to do, but one call to SERVPRO of Clovis and they walked me through the whole process.
They arrived at my Clovis house within one hour of my initial call. They sucked up all the standing water ,removed some damaged (swollen) materials and set up some equipment to dry walls. Within 3 days all equipment was out and my house was dry.
I really appreciate how well they explained the process and communicated with me through out. They are truly great people that you can trust.
Once again I hope you never have to experience a water damage but, if you do these are the people to call.

Thorough service with exceptional detail and quality speed.  Worth every penny and came same day too! So grateful Thank you

Last Saturday, I had a water damage in my home. There was water everywhere! It affected my cabinets, floors, and furniture! I was so overwhelmed! I called SERVPRO of Clovis and they were at my house in 45 minutes. They addressed all my concerns and made me feel at ease. I felt confident in the staff and their knowledge. Thank you SERVPRO for helping us in this very stressful time. You made this whole process so much easier.

I had a leak that happened right before the weekend that turned into my bathroom flooding. I called them asked them a bunch of questions which all were answered politely and they didn't make me feel like I was being talked down too. Great Customer service they had no issue working with my schedule and coming back when it was more convenient for me. Also these guys being 24 hours made life simple. The job itself was done in a timely manner and they explained to me as they went on what they were doing. It made me feel more relax. Over all great job and id have no issue calling these guys again for help! Keep up the good work.

So last Friday I was off work heading home and I open the door to find water all over the living room and I could not figure out were it was coming from. I called up SERVPRO and wanted to give them a shot. So I called them up spoke to a very nice young lady who was able to answer all my questions and had no problem at all sending someone out to take a look and help me figure out what is going on. It turned out that I had a pipe break under the flooring. They told me what they could do and about how much it would cost based on the damage done. I told them I'd like a night to think about it and ended up going with them. The service was great from start to finish nothing but polite and understanding. I like that they treat you like person not a paycheck. They do the job right the first time and even gave me a check up call to make sure everything was ok. Thanks to these guys I was able to go about my day normally without over stressing about my home. They also worked around my busy schedule which is amazing because normally companies don't do that. Over all I'd call these guys again anytime! Great job guys thanks again for helping make sure I was able to enjoy my weekend still.

I'm an apartment manager and had a flood in one of my townhouses at 830 in the evening and it all happened from a toilet that is upstairs and overflowed and  went through the ceiling to the downstairs and flooded the entire bottom half of her unit. It's hard to find a company that will come out and help right away in a circumstance like I had but I can honestly say that Serve Pro made it easy for me and tenant. They moved all her furniture, and sucked all the water out , re-assured the tenant and myself they would handle everything and they did . In the most professional way , they made my life and my tenants life a lot easier and did an amazing job. I highly recommend using this company if you have a flood or a fire or any cleanup hazards call SERVPRO you will not be disappointed with the results

Fast and friendly service.  It was a holiday weekend (Labor day) when we returned home from a birthday party to find the refrig leaked water all over our engineered wood floor in kitchen, dining room, and entry.  In a panic to get help we called SERVPRO, who responded within the hour with equipment to dry out the wood and saved my floor and cabinets from extensive damage.  Everyone who was involved in the restoration was polite, timely, and professional.  I agree with their ad, "Like it never even happened."  They are the best!!

SERVPRO Clovis was absolutely amazing. I would strongly endorse them for any emergent situations you may have in your dwelling. Fast response, professional, caring, and thoughtful, their entire team lead by the owner Dan and the lead person Breanna was simply outstanding! Cameron did a great job with a majority of the work throughout the remediation. 

Our house flooded from a broken water pipe in the laundry room. I called SERVPRO in Clovis and they were there within 45 minutes and had a team of five people there within an hour.  They assessed the damage, and helped us minimize any further damage. They handled all of the insurance communications to work directly with the adjuster to handle all the required work that would be done.  They were doing the work but also were so thoughtful worrying about how we were affected by this tragic event and how it impacted us personally. 

This is a very stressful and trying time for us that was a major event for us. But the PEOPLE at SERVPRO Clovis made it much more bearable with their wonderful caring attitudes.  They are a family owned business and you can tell they take pride in caring for people in difficult times. I would give my strongest recommendation for anyone who needs professional services after a home emergency to call SERVPRO in Clovis.  

Don't underestimate the amount of damage that can occur that if not professionally handled, is not covered by insurance. Mold can develop after 48 hours, so drying of walls after baseboards are removed is critical. 

SERVPRO in Clovis provided us the best possible care we could have received. They treated our home and treated us as people as well.  Thank you, SERVPRO for all you have done for us.

Recently we had a pipe break spilling sewage under our home. The problem didn't present itself immediately, but after some time, said problem, was more than pronounced. A quick crawl under our home made clear that we needed more than DIY ambition. The hemorrhage had collapsed one of our air ducts and had gathered in a concentrated area challenging a quick repair. SERVPRO in Clovis to the rescue. Within 24 hours the mess was cleared making our plumbing problem manageable. What we thought would have been an ordeal SERVPRO Clovis turned into a friendly customer service transaction. SERVPRO observed our home as we do, making certain we were comfortable with their process, educating us before, during, and after their service.  They cleaned up the entire mess, disinfected key areas and answered our curiosities. SERVPRO Clovis turned what might have been a major embarrassment, into a minor adjustment to our day to day routine.

I give them the highest possible recommendation!

Outstanding service and customer care. Very warm and caring with a focus on our stress and well being. Strongest recommendations.

SERVPRO went above and beyond my expectations. This has been a very stressful situation to deal with but everyone we had contact with made everything much easier. I wish I give them higher than 10. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for all their hard work and concern for us.